Track Your App Rankings

Next Rank tool allows you to get your app rankings - on Android & iOS.

About Us


Our Mission

NextLabs is an app store optimization company. We help companies acquire more users. This tool is intended to help companies and developers track app rankings right from the sheet.

  • Apple & iOS App tracking
  • Generous limits
  • Operate out of sheets

Rank Tool Features

These are the features that make the rank tool - so powerful for your tracking needs.

Automate Ranks

Need ranks every 3 hour or 24? Or every 3 days? A simple setup allows you to handle that.


See the daily rank movements, we are working on adding competitor analysis to the same piece as well.

Generous Free Limits

We allow generous free limits for the add-on.

Free Updates

Just refresh your sheet - and the update goes live.

Next Campaign Integration

If you are an existing customer, you can set priorities for the keywords - right from the sheet.

Next Competitor Insights

It functions with Next Competitor insights, and other playstore and app store intelligence features.


Understand the fluctuations

See how Google A/B tests your rankings in an hourly time series, collect insight. Faster turnaround - faster contermeasures. Quick testing and more frequent data is cornerstone to a better ASO.